Get ready to witness Yo-4rt’s revolutionary NFT collection!

A prestigious collection of 10,000 hand-crafted NFTs for exploring the Anim4rt Metaverse.

Each NFT is a culmination of our passion for art, wildlife and its protection. Every piece is unique, beautiful and extremely rare. Our team has spent gazillion hours perfecting the details making each Anim4rt a rarity in the NFT realm. By owning an Anim4rt, you will have special outcomes in the fabulous Metaverse world we are building.

Witness the massive rise of animal welfare organization of the future, be an 4rtian!


We tend to forget the beauty of things, our aim is to keep all species that are in danger or already extinct alive in our Metaverse world, so that we can admire and learn about them. In our pursuit of unparalleled art, we are crafting the Anim4rt collection to perfection. But the thing to behold is not just their beauty, it is the details that lie within them.

Each NFT is embedded with the character’s story preserved eternally on the blockchain. There is always room for a story that can transfer you to their world. Own any of our NFTs and be the master of the story.



Prepare to experience the WILD like NEVER BEFORE. Only in Anim4rt Metaverse, you can explore and interact with magnificent animals. Get ready to take your spot among like-minded people who not only want to be a part of this ever evolving metaverse but also want to preserve the real world. What makes Anim4rt Metaverse truly special is that once you jump in , you will truly be free to experience life as a part of the nature.

Choose one of the habitats and dive into the breathtaking environments!

NFT art metaverse
NFT TOKEN blockchain


The world has been taken over by the Metaverse world, crypto currencies with their blockchains and we are reaching the goal of becoming the Prime Animal Welfare Organization that is already using all these new web technologies 3.0.

The major event is the launch of the 4rt token, this crypto currency will save the wild species and promises a quick return on investment. Its growth is already spectacular. Everyone who will want to help and donate will be only able to do it with this special 4rt tokens to keep all transfers completely transparent. 

Yo-4rt - 4RT cryptocurrency Token


The wilderness is fading, species disappearing from the Earth. And the cause: Humans. Ironically, there is only one solution: Humans.
Unless we band together and vow to protect them, and create sanctuaries where the animals can live in peace, they will always be endangered. Our Metaverse is more than just a patch on a blockchain, it represents all that we stand for. And we stand for Nature.

Become a co-owner of a rainforest through your ANIM4rt NFT token. Each ANIM4rt token will legally own the 1/10000th part of the land we buy.

Let us come together and save nature.

Saving rainforest


Enjoy the perks of being an 4rtian!




10,000 unique NFTs featuring our faithful companions and the un-tamed beasts that dominate mother nature.


Only by owning an Anim4rt NFT you will get whitelisted on the launchpad for the 4RT token. After the public sale, 4RT token will be the only way to participate in the preservation of nature and animals with the biggest animal welfare organization using the metaverse to save the real world.


With 4RT tokens launched, we will dedicate the revenue generated towards the saving of natural habitats for the beautiful creatures from big industries. Each forest will be converted into 10000 blocks and given into legal possession of each ANIM4rt NFT token. With each NFT, you become an owner of Amazon forest. Once an owner, you get access to the Anim4rt association where you have a vote in all decisions. As we will keep acquiring further acres of rain forests, your portfolio of blocks will also keep on increasing.​


The revenue generated will be dedicated to representing our goal of becoming the biggest animal welfare organization 3.0, through international media. From there our legacy will only be starting.


30% of collected royalties will be redistributed in form of 4RT TOKEN to all ANIM4RT NFT HOLDERS quarterly. And all sums generated by Carbon Points will be awarded proportionally in form of 4RT TOKEN to all ANIM4RT NFT Holders annually.


Experience the magical Anim4rt metaverse and explore a world beyond your imagination with fellow 4rtians!

Upcoming Collections on Yo-4rt NFT GALLery

Star W4rts Drop

Keeping our vision of unparalleled art and story intact, we present to you our exclusive Star W4rts drop. Only the owners of our Anim4rt NFTs will get access the very special 115 NFTs, as the drop is limited to our community. These limited drops will be our next step in continuing our preservation efforts.


Anim4rt is a revolutionary NFT project which wants to dedicate its work to the preservation of wildlife and its habitat. Every piece is unique, beautiful, and extremely rare.
Our team has worked extremely hard, perfecting the details making each Anim4rt a rarity in the NFT realm.
We are building an interactive world that will allow you to experience the animal’s life, interact with them and explore the unique world called the Metaverse.
The aim is to own as much rainforest as possible to keep it untouched. Our efforts will not stop until we change the world for a better tomorrow.

  • We will acquire a rainforest which will be divided into 10,000 blocks – one for each NFT. 
  • With the growing success of this venture, we will purchase more land which will be re allotted to each  Anim4rt NFT. 
  • Get whitelisted for 4RT Token pre-launch. “THE 4RT TOKEN” is more than a token – it is the link between the Holders of our NFT collections and the ANIM4RT association.
  • All sums generated by Carbon Credits and 30% of the royalties will be distributed free of charge in form of 4RT TOKEN to holders quarterly and early. For more details check out “ROYALTIES”

Anim4rt features a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. You are able to mint your favorite NFT collectible once the project goes live.
To keep up to date with the important stages of the launch, join our discord server where our team is always available to guide you through the process. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions regarding the “ANIM4RT“ project.

Yes! In order to get whitelisted, become an active part of the Yo-4rt community. Check our discord channel for further details.

Join our discord channel and also follow our twitter account to get regular updates and become an active part of the Yo-4rt community.

We are a highly motivated and talented group of professionals eager to enter the Metaverse with a mission to preserve mother nature. Learn more about our team on the TEAM page.

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